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Day 244 – Daruma Doll Bot

For those who don’t know, Daruma Dolls are for wishing. I’m wishing for a puppy. With laserbeam eyes.


June 10 2009 | myths | 1 Comment »

Day 232 – Moth Bot

I probably should have made this bot GIANT, so that it could menace cities and fight giant lizard bots.

Regardless, moths are way awesome! Unless you have lots of wool sweaters.


May 15 2009 | animals | 1 Comment »

Day 230 – Road Worker Bot

Yep, yep, got my coffee, now let’s dig a hole, put some pylons around it, and come back in a month or two to fill it in!


May 13 2009 | occupations | 2 Comments »

Day 225 – Pied Piper Bot

I don’t know that the pied piper is really a folk hero, but I’m including him in this group because he’s totally historically inaccurate. Actually, it might be more accurate to say that he’s factually inaccurate and scientifically implausible, since, you know, people can’t just pipe a tune to lure rats away. It takes cheese, too.


May 01 2009 | Uncategorized | 5 Comments »

Day 218- Old Timey Convict Bot

Breaking rocks in the hot sun, this bot fought the law and the law won!

And yes, this bot also has the blues, but no harmonica with which to express them.


April 22 2009 | occupations | 4 Comments »

Day 164 – Scarfy Bot

Is it cold? Or is this bot just a snappy dresser?


February 04 2009 | accessories | 2 Comments »

Day 83 – Tiger Bot

Normally I’d just rant and rave about how awesome tigers are (trust me, tigers = awesome), but I thought maybe you could just wikipedia it yourselves. I’m kinda busy watching the season premiere of Heroes.

Also, tiger tail ice cream was a personal favourite of mine growing up. Actually, if anyone could still get me some, I’d love you forever.*

*or at least, until the ice cream was gone.

**edited to add: my time would’ve been better spent coming up with pithy and entertaining remarks for you, my loyal and stunningly good-looking readers. Heroes totally tanked.

LImited in edition to 2 bots – available here.


September 24 2008 | animals | 2 Comments »