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Day 352 – Pugs!



I know, I know. Pugs. So ugly they’re cute!

Pugs are my happy place. They snort, they snuff, they wear cute little costumes while cavorting in meadows and generally being adorable.

And yet, there is this photo. It should be pure win-sauce. I mean, it’s a pug, dressed as a unicorn. In a pumpkin patch. Sounds like win to me! And yet…. it kinda confuses me. What is this? I don’t even….

So weird pug photo, I salute you. You are the first result in google images when I search “Pug in Costume”, which means I see you on an almost daily basis. No lie.

For this theme, there are two other competitors:
Sarah Apple!

To see all the entries go to Craft Corner Death Match!


April 24 2011 | accessories and animals and homage | 1 Comment »

Day 100 – Jack’o’lantern Bot (Robot-o-ween)

crapazoid donkeybum, people! We’re at the 100th bot! You’d think this would give me a sense of accomplishment, but mostly it’s a sobering reminder of just how deeply my creativity insanity runs.

wow… that’s just…. ALOT OF BOTS. Comment with your favourite so far!

Jack-o-lantern Bot is available in a limited edition of 2 – right here.


October 17 2008 | food | 9 Comments »