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Day 352 – Pugs!



I know, I know. Pugs. So ugly they’re cute!

Pugs are my happy place. They snort, they snuff, they wear cute little costumes while cavorting in meadows and generally being adorable.

And yet, there is this photo. It should be pure win-sauce. I mean, it’s a pug, dressed as a unicorn. In a pumpkin patch. Sounds like win to me! And yet…. it kinda confuses me. What is this? I don’t even….

So weird pug photo, I salute you. You are the first result in google images when I search “Pug in Costume”, which means I see you on an almost daily basis. No lie.

For this theme, there are two other competitors:
Sarah Apple!

To see all the entries go to Craft Corner Death Match!


April 24 2011 | accessories and animals and homage | 1 Comment »

Day 274 – Rapunzel Bot

I always have wondered if rapunzel was a dude, if it would have been a beard that was climbed instead of long hair…..


August 24 2009 | myths | 3 Comments »

Day 258 – Rat Bot

I may be in the minority, but I think rats are pretty cute. Oh sure, you can blame them for carrying diseases and such… but did you see the little twitchy noses?


July 02 2009 | animals | No Comments »

Day 243 – Ballerina Bot

This bot is probably really good at going en pointe, but might not be the most graceful dancer ever…


June 09 2009 | occupations | 1 Comment »

Day 199 – Wilbur and Charlotte Bots

Wilbur and Charlotte and the epitome of BFF. MOST. HEART WRENCHING. ENDING. EVER.

Wilbur is all like “They are going to eat me! I’m so totally bummed about that!” and then Charlotte is all “I have a clever plan! We can prolong the inevitable!”.

Orwell, are you taking notes here? ‘Cause this pig book is waaay better than your pig book. I’m just sayin’…..


March 25 2009 | animals and homage | 13 Comments »

Day 177 – Footie PJs Bot

I know, I know. There already was a bedtime bot. But this one has pink pyjamas with kittens! KITTENS, PEOPLE! Also, this one has a very important feature of footie pyjamas:

a bum flap. Bum flaps are key.


February 23 2009 | accessories | 3 Comments »

Day 118 – Pig Bot

This is where I tell you how awesome pigs are.

1. Pigs don’t have sweat glands, so they use mud to cool off- and the dried mud helps protect them from the sun (totally natural sunscreen). This is much smarter than our method of using chemicals, though somewhat less attractive. They are one of the few mammals, like humans, without enough fur or hair to prevent sunburn.

2. Pigs have more taste buds than us – around 15,000. That’s more than any other mammal.

3. Pigs are actually really clean, intelligent animals, and are probably only considered dirty because they scavenge food and roll in the mud. Pigs have emotions- they can be happy, sad, bored… just like us. They also recognize other pigs, have complex social hierarchies, and can problem solve. They are highly trainable, just like dogs.

4. Pigs are at least as intelligent as dogs, and possibly more so. They are very like humans in their physiology- especially their eyes and heart. Think about that next time you’re eating pork.

5. Pigs are often thought of as greedy, however, unlike dogs and people, they tend to only eat until full. The reason they are thought of as gluttons is because on average, they eat about 5 pounds of food a day. Considering that they clock in around 100 – 750 lbs, that’s not an unreasonable amount of grub. Just think about how much food we eat in a day.

6. Pigs have four toes on each foot- but only use the middle two for walking…. which is why they kinda look like they are tip-toeing around.

7. Frightened pigs can squeal really really loudly- around 115 decibels. Jet engines are around 113 decibels. Let’s all try really hard not to scare any pigs.

Limited in edition to 3 bots – available right here.


November 12 2008 | animals | 4 Comments »