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Day 352 – Pugs!



I know, I know. Pugs. So ugly they’re cute!

Pugs are my happy place. They snort, they snuff, they wear cute little costumes while cavorting in meadows and generally being adorable.

And yet, there is this photo. It should be pure win-sauce. I mean, it’s a pug, dressed as a unicorn. In a pumpkin patch. Sounds like win to me! And yet…. it kinda confuses me. What is this? I don’t even….

So weird pug photo, I salute you. You are the first result in google images when I search “Pug in Costume”, which means I see you on an almost daily basis. No lie.

For this theme, there are two other competitors:
Sarah Apple!

To see all the entries go to Craft Corner Death Match!


April 24 2011 | accessories and animals and homage | 1 Comment »

Day 325 – Rocketman Bot

I wonder if he runs on curry or burritos?


August 28 2010 | accessories and myths | 3 Comments »

Day 238 – Fanboy Bot

This bot`s a fandom triple-threat!


June 02 2009 | homage | 7 Comments »

Day 230 – Road Worker Bot

Yep, yep, got my coffee, now let’s dig a hole, put some pylons around it, and come back in a month or two to fill it in!


May 13 2009 | occupations | 2 Comments »

Day 196 – Crazy Cat Lady Bot

I am deathly allergic to cats. I may become an old shut-in (thanks a lot, INTERNET CONNECTION), but I’ll never be a crazy cat lady. Crazy dog owning lady, maybe. Crazy lady whose house is a maze of haphazardly stacked paperback books, almost certainly.

Although if certain trends continue, I’ll be the crazy old lady whose house is a warren of carefully stacked and arranged robot pouches. I realized I was *way* too invested in the project after I finished the 11th tiny kitty. BECAUSE 10 WOULD BE TOO FEW.


March 20 2009 | occupations | 17 Comments »

Day 194 – Goldfish Bot

My science teacher in high school had a goldfish that had turned completely white (due to lack of sunlight or something) and which I remember as being a foot and a half long (but probably wasn’t). That thing totally freaked me out, and I also felt so bad for it, stuck in that little tank and having to listen to our idiotic teenage ramblings. I remember that one year it was gone- I suspect that my teacher let it free in a lake somewhere, where it has since been responsible for all those Igopogo sightings.


March 18 2009 | animals | 5 Comments »

Day 108 – Candy Corn Bot (Robot-o-ween)

Mmmmm delicious! Candy corn was always my favourite halloween treat. I realized I had acheived adultdom when upon finding the giant tub of it at the local bulk food store, my first thought was “I bet that doesn’t have anything remotely natural in it” and not “CAN I AFFORD THE WHOLE TUB“. And then I opted to buy granola instead. My 5 year old self would be so so disgusted with me.

Limited in edition to 3 bots – available right here.


October 29 2008 | food | 3 Comments »

Day 100 – Jack’o’lantern Bot (Robot-o-ween)

crapazoid donkeybum, people! We’re at the 100th bot! You’d think this would give me a sense of accomplishment, but mostly it’s a sobering reminder of just how deeply my creativity insanity runs.

wow… that’s just…. ALOT OF BOTS. Comment with your favourite so far!

Jack-o-lantern Bot is available in a limited edition of 2 – right here.


October 17 2008 | food | 9 Comments »

Day 5 – Foxbot

Crafty like a bot

limited to 5 bots- you can check it out here.


June 06 2008 | animals | 4 Comments »