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Blog Archives

Day 228 – Some Assembly Required Bot

Now, where did I put that allen key…..


May 11 2009 | accessories | 4 Comments »

Day 195 – Foam Finger Bot

Look, I am no sports fan. I really don’t understand how a giant hand is going to help your team win. Honestly, I don’t care, either.

It’s a giant foam hand.

It’s entertainment in and of itself.

Imagine if people used it in everyday life. You could cheer on that person helping the little old lady with the walker cross the street in front of your car. Wave it at pedestrians who actually use the crosswalk (and cars that actually stop for them!). You could show your support for your fancy-coffee-making barista, who actually gave you the drink you ordered. Whip it out when the people in the 8-items-and-under grocery line actually have less than 9 items in their cart. Show your appreciation for that one person who actually picks up their dog’s poo instead of leaving it on your lawn!

We could call it the foam finger revolution- or “congrats on being slightly less of a jerk than everyone else!”. Who’s with me?


March 19 2009 | accessories | 5 Comments »

Day 185 – Hopeful Bot

And, continuing with our theme, we have hopeful bot. Specifically, this is “the hope of winning the lottery” bot. Yes, I admit it, that lottery hope does help get me through the day. Don’t get me wrong- I love making bots, working for myself, and all that jazz. But, I’m pretty sure that I’d love being fabulously wealthy, too. Plus, you know, I’d like to get a puppy. A PUPPY MADE OF SOLID GOLD.

Shall we see a close-up on those crossed digits?


March 05 2009 | moods | 2 Comments »

Day 33 – Really Cheesed Off Bot

Come on, admit it. Sometimes you really just wanna flip the double bird at some jerk who’s being a jerky mcjerkjerk.

Available in a limited edition of five, right here.


July 16 2008 | accessories | No Comments »

Day 23 – Can’t Keep it’s Mouth Shut Bot

This bot literally can’t keep it’s mouth shut. I’m pretty sure that this bot sits beind me at every single movie I’ve ever gone to. Not that I’m bitter…..

limited in edition to 5 bots – right here.


July 02 2008 | moods | 2 Comments »

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