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Day 319 – Opera Singer Bot

If I’d really been planning ahead, I would have saved this bot for the very end! Then I could be all like “it’s not over until the fat lady… oh. nevermind.”


July 11 2010 | occupations | 1 Comment »

Day 296 – Eternally Hopeful Holiday Bot

I refer to this bot as the “Holiday Pervert Bot” in my head, but honestly, he’s probably just lonely. Do you think his ploy will work? Let’s find out:

I’ll take that as a no. AWKWARD!


December 21 2009 | accessories | 1 Comment »

Day 278 – Farm Bot

Really, the robot uprising will totally turn once they realize that if they take over our farms they can force us the eat nothing but turnips. Who needs a bloody revolt when you can win through age-old parenting methods? They could just be all like “nothing but cauliflower until you BOW BEFORE YOUR ROBOT OVERLORDS” and we’d be all like “crap”.


October 19 2009 | occupations | 3 Comments »

Day 265 – The Frog Prince Bot

I think the princess is somewhat skeptical of the frog’s tale.

Honestly, can you blame her? It’s a talking frog.

I can’t decide if the moral of the story is “never judge a book by the cover”, or “kissing frogs leads to hallucinations”.


July 23 2009 | myths | 5 Comments »

Day 261 – Clown Bot

Look, clowns actually terrify me. The whole time I was making this, I was crying from the horror. THE HORROR.


July 09 2009 | occupations | 4 Comments »

Day 252 – Fortune Teller Bot

Do you really want a robot telling you the future? You’d be all like “will I marry Prince Charming?” and it’ll be all like “DOES NOT COMPUTE”. At least it’s not a vulcan robot fortune teller. Then it’d be all like “DOES NOT COMPUTE; LOVE IS ILLOGICAL”.

Also, except when it comes to certainties, like, oh, the sun rising, and
Hollywood resurrecting movie franchises that were well enough over and done*, no one knows what’s coming in the great pipeline of THE FUTURE. Though I predict! More Robots.

*okay, fine. Star Trek was pretty good. Better, actually, than the previous movies. Except the one with the whales. But I stand by the rest. Come on, Rocky? Like we needed another of those.


June 23 2009 | accessories and occupations | 3 Comments »

Day 238 – Fanboy Bot

This bot`s a fandom triple-threat!


June 02 2009 | homage | 7 Comments »

Day 233 – Card Dealer Bot

I’d love to do a bot-themed set of playing cards. Anyone know where I can get playing cards printed cheaply?


May 19 2009 | occupations | 4 Comments »

Day 230 – Road Worker Bot

Yep, yep, got my coffee, now let’s dig a hole, put some pylons around it, and come back in a month or two to fill it in!


May 13 2009 | occupations | 2 Comments »

Day 225 – Pied Piper Bot

I don’t know that the pied piper is really a folk hero, but I’m including him in this group because he’s totally historically inaccurate. Actually, it might be more accurate to say that he’s factually inaccurate and scientifically implausible, since, you know, people can’t just pipe a tune to lure rats away. It takes cheese, too.


May 01 2009 | Uncategorized | 5 Comments »

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