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Day 348 – CRAFT CORNER DEATH MATCH: School Bus Driver Hall of Fame



Gentle readers, let me tell you a true story ripped from the pages of my own life.

I probably had a number of bus drivers in my formative years, but I only remember one. She wore a kitty cat sweatshirt, from which she had removed the arms. Her hair clung to her scalp like a felted sheep, and she brazenly smoked her cigarette out the side driver window.

Her name was Thelma.

The very first day she picked us up, she screeched the bus over to the side of the road, yelled at us to be quiet, and when we didn’t comply, roared:

“My name is bus driver Thelma AND I AIN’T NEED NO LOUISE TO DRIVE YOU OFFA CLIFF!”

I live in awe of that woman.

For this theme, there are three other competitors:
The Harpy!
Sarah Apple!

To see all the entries go to Craft Corner Death Match!


February 27 2011 | homage and myths | 4 Comments »

Day 341 – CRAFT CORNER DEATH MATCH: Historical Facial Hair



This theme is near and dear to my heart. History! Facial Hair! AWESOMENESS.

So, maybe I went a bit overboard:

Okay. I’m hoping these dudes will all be familiar to you, but for your illumination (L to R, just like reading):

1. Wyatt Earp – Cowboy. ‘Nuff said.
2. Darwin – Amazing genius, sussed out evolution.
3. Nietzsche – Wrote a bunch of stuff, had a complicated last name.
4. Van Gogh – Painter, friend to Doctor Who.
5. Hulk Hogan – I think he was a wrestler? And a Nanny?
6. Dali – Melted some clocks.
7. Wild Bill – Best chum of Calamity Jane, super sass factory.
8. Einstein – Adorable super genius who didn’t know his own phone number. Who does?
9. Lincoln – Zombie hunter.
10. Ambrose Burnside – BAMF who has such awesome facial hair that the term side burns was names after him.
11. Dread Pirate Blackbeard – Sailed the seas, wrecked some havoc.
12. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – wrote some stories that eventually introduced me to the excellentness that is Benedict Cumberbatch. Thank you, good sir.

For this theme, there are four competitors: me (duh), The Harpy!, Yermits and Sarah Apple!

To see all the entries go to Craft Corner Death Match!


December 12 2010 | accessories and homage | 3 Comments »

Day 319 – Opera Singer Bot

If I’d really been planning ahead, I would have saved this bot for the very end! Then I could be all like “it’s not over until the fat lady… oh. nevermind.”


July 11 2010 | occupations | 1 Comment »

Day 309 – Warthog Bot

I was at a loss as to what to write about warthogs, so I asked my partner what to write. He summed it up nicely:

“Don’t mess with warthogs. They’ll fuck you up”

So. Warthogs. Don’t mess with them.


April 25 2010 | animals | 2 Comments »

Day 274 – Rapunzel Bot

I always have wondered if rapunzel was a dude, if it would have been a beard that was climbed instead of long hair…..


August 24 2009 | myths | 3 Comments »

Day 247 – Donkey Bot

Oh, burro bot. You’ll never let anyone make an ass out of you. Oh. Wait a second……

On an unrelated note, my one year Robot a Day anniversary flew by earlier this month and I didn’t even notice! I don’t have much to say except that CRAP, THAT IS A LOT OF BOTS. And that hopefully I haven’t jumped the shark yet. And also, donkeys are totally in my top ten of amazing favourite animals. MOSTLY BECAUSE OF THE EEEE-AUUGHNN.


June 15 2009 | animals | 6 Comments »

Day 240 – Centaur Bot

Now I need to find a half human mythological creature that’s the other way around, so I can do something with the left over bottom half of that bot…..


June 04 2009 | myths | 6 Comments »

Day 231 – Fancy Poodle Bot

Oh, poodles.

They’re just so…… foofy.


May 14 2009 | animals | 1 Comment »

Day 189 – Wig Accessory Bot

Who needs an awesome ‘do when you can change your look every day?


March 11 2009 | accessories | 4 Comments »

Day 84 – Suspiciously Sinister Facial Hair Bot

You just KNOW this bot is planning something sinister.

It’s the moustache that tells you.

See how it’s curly?

That’s the sinister gene (also responsible for triangle-shaped goatees, the secondary characteristic of sinisterocity).

Limited in edition to 5 bots – right here


September 25 2008 | accessories | 4 Comments »

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