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Blog Archives

Day 247 – Donkey Bot

Oh, burro bot. You’ll never let anyone make an ass out of you. Oh. Wait a second……

On an unrelated note, my one year Robot a Day anniversary flew by earlier this month and I didn’t even notice! I don’t have much to say except that CRAP, THAT IS A LOT OF BOTS. And that hopefully I haven’t jumped the shark yet. And also, donkeys are totally in my top ten of amazing favourite animals. MOSTLY BECAUSE OF THE EEEE-AUUGHNN.


June 15 2009 | animals | 6 Comments »

Day 240 – Centaur Bot

Now I need to find a half human mythological creature that’s the other way around, so I can do something with the left over bottom half of that bot…..


June 04 2009 | myths | 6 Comments »

Day 239 – Dragon Bot

This dragon is actually quite a friendly feller; he likes to roast tofu with his firey breath, and he’s always happy to help set up a good campfire! Just make sure your tent is incombustable.

available right here!


June 03 2009 | myths | 6 Comments »

Day 237 – Inchworm Bot

This bot is just so darn happy that we’re back!


June 01 2009 | animals | 4 Comments »

Day 232 – Moth Bot

I probably should have made this bot GIANT, so that it could menace cities and fight giant lizard bots.

Regardless, moths are way awesome! Unless you have lots of wool sweaters.


May 15 2009 | animals | 1 Comment »

Day 229 – Robin Bot

Honestly, I thought I had already done a robin, which is why you haven’t seen one before now. Turns out I had only thought of doing one. Clearly, I need some sort of master list… or rather, one that exists in actual, corporeal form, and not just in my head.

Regardless, last year a robin nested on our front porch, and the nest is still there, and I totally want to keep it but everyone seems to think it will be full of grossness and bugs. But! How cool are nests! Since robins build a new nest every time they are ready to lay eggs, it won’t harm any birds. Granted, I haven’t pulled that thing down yet to see how full of baby bird crap it is. Maybe that’s the first step.


May 12 2009 | animals | 3 Comments »

Day 224 – William Tell Bot

One thing I hadn’t anticipated when creating Robot a Day was how many arrows I’d have to make!


April 30 2009 | myths | 3 Comments »

Day 173 – Monkey Bot

Well I’ll be a monkey bot’s uncle! This bot sure like to monkey around! Monkey bot see, Monkey bot do! This bot’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Did I get them all?

Also, has anyone seen Monkey Shines? WEIRDEST MOVIE STARRING STANLEY TUCCI EVER. And dude, he was in Jury Duty.

Is Stanley Tucci the new Kevin Bacon? Discuss.


February 16 2009 | animals | 4 Comments »

Day 18 – Beaver Bot

Woodgrainbot better stay away from Beaverbot for obvious reasons.

Available in a limited edition of three, available right here.


June 25 2008 | animals | 2 Comments »

Day 17 – Woodgrain Bot

In keeping with Yesterday’s theme, I present to you, Woodgrain Bot! Woodgrain bot was a pain to make, because I didn’t have any woodgrain patterned vinyl to cheat with. but check out its knotty heart!

Limited Edition of 2 – SORRY SOLD OUT!


June 24 2008 | homage | 8 Comments »

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