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Day 354 – Tapirs with Hats


THE THEME: Tapirs! With hats!

What better brainpan covering for the majestic and slightly quizzical tapir to wear than the mighty (and, let’s face it, somewhat comic and deeply cool) fez?

For this theme, there are two other competitors:
Sarah Apple!

To see all the entries go to Craft Corner Death Match!

Next week, join us for the theme: CLUMSY CRAFTER!


May 08 2011 | accessories and animals | 2 Comments »

Day 73 – Fez Bot

This bot has some stylish headgear. The fex also has an illustrious and bizarre history, which does not at all explain why Shriners wear them while driving tiny cars. One time in high school choir we sang at a masonic lodge, and there was a fez covered in fake diamonds. It pretty much screamed “WE’RE GROWN MEN WHO LIKE TO DRESS UP AND PRETEND TO BE MYSTERIOUS, ALRIGHT?! IT’S ALL PART OF A SECRET HANDSHAKE.”

Let’s start our own freemasons group. We can be the Bretheren of the Bot. Or, the Secret Society of Being Really Secret.

Limited to an edition of 10 – right here.


September 10 2008 | accessories | 5 Comments »