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Day 261 – Clown Bot

Look, clowns actually terrify me. The whole time I was making this, I was crying from the horror. THE HORROR.


July 09 2009 | occupations | 4 Comments »

Day 257 – Yellow Polkadot Bikini Bot

Well, compared to what I’ve seen on tv, this isn’t exactly an itsy bitsy teeny tiny bikini, but it’s hard to make a tiny square bikini. Although…. it is a robot, so it’s more of a fashion statement than needed modesty.


June 30 2009 | accessories | 4 Comments »

Day 251 – Gluttonous Bot

I can’t really blame this bot. Vanilla Dips ARE the best donut (it’s the sprinkles).


June 22 2009 | food | 4 Comments »

Day 250 – Five o’clock Shadow Bot

I suspect that this bot could grow a luxurious beard if it wanted to…


June 15 2009 | accessories | 1 Comment »

Day 232 – Moth Bot

I probably should have made this bot GIANT, so that it could menace cities and fight giant lizard bots.

Regardless, moths are way awesome! Unless you have lots of wool sweaters.


May 15 2009 | animals | 1 Comment »

Day 187 – Chicken Pox Bot

I was so young when I got chicken pox that I totally don’t remember it at all. But I’m assuming it made me cranky, because, let’s face it, most things do.

This one is in honour of Sarah, because she’s been stuck at home with three pox-ridden children.


March 09 2009 | accessories | 1 Comment »

Day 127 – Connect the Dots Bot

I hope you all know how to count.

(if you want to connect the dots, I suggest right-clicking and using the handy “save-as” feature, or using a marker on your screen, if you’re feeling especially awesome).


November 25 2008 | homage | No Comments »

Day 44 – Ladybug bot

What you gots there are electric aphids, sir. You’ll need a ladybugbot to take care of them. Natural predator and all.

LImited in edition to two! SORRY SOLD OUT!


July 31 2008 | animals | No Comments »