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Blog Archives

Day 244 – Daruma Doll Bot

For those who don’t know, Daruma Dolls are for wishing. I’m wishing for a puppy. With laserbeam eyes.


June 10 2009 | myths | 1 Comment »

Day 243 – Ballerina Bot

This bot is probably really good at going en pointe, but might not be the most graceful dancer ever…


June 09 2009 | occupations | 1 Comment »

Day 238 – Fanboy Bot

This bot`s a fandom triple-threat!


June 02 2009 | homage | 7 Comments »

Day 233 – Card Dealer Bot

I’d love to do a bot-themed set of playing cards. Anyone know where I can get playing cards printed cheaply?


May 19 2009 | occupations | 4 Comments »

Day 223 – Paul Bunyan Bot (and Babe Bot)

Honestly, I really only did Paul Bunyan so I could do Babe. A. GIANT. BLUE. OX. How cool is that? I would build a house on its back and travel the countryside in comfort.


April 29 2009 | Uncategorized | 4 Comments »

Day 222 – King Arthur Bot

Look, I know I’m one of those fantasy book readers who should probably love Arthurian legends, but to be honest, there aren’t enough werewolves, vampires, or spaceships involved.

There’s too much “honour” and “swordfights” and “mystical magic” and “horseback riding” and not enough AWESOME SAUCE*.

*this includes any of the following: Private Investigators who deal in the paranormal, urban vampire slayers, telepathic barmaids, people who have been struck by lightning and now can find people and/or dead people, space cowboys, werewolves with their own radio show, vikings who travel in time, vampires with a conscience and/or so-called soul, polar bears wearing armor.


April 28 2009 | occupations | 10 Comments »

Day 221 – Robin Hood Bot

Yay! Another theme week! This time around, the theme is FOLK HEROS (or, Historical Figures with Dubious Historical Accuracy). Because we can make up more amazing things about a person than that person could ever do. 100 years after I die, I really hope that I live on in some sort of folk hero capacity- maybe they’ll say my bots were real, and took over the world, programming world peace into the unruly population of hu-mans. And that I was 8 feet tall and rode a golden robotic unicorn. That shot lasers out of its eyes.

It could happen.

So today’s bot is Robin Hood. And although some people think differently, Robin Hood didn’t actually exist (look, some people think they were King Arthur in a previous life, so people = basically gullible). Yes, he may have been based on a few real life outlaws (who, presumably, were men who wore tight tights), but they probably weren’t particularly merry men. And they probably did rob from the rich, but the poor they gave to was likely themselves. Historical accuracy is a bit of a drag sometimes, eh?


April 27 2009 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment »

Day 218- Old Timey Convict Bot

Breaking rocks in the hot sun, this bot fought the law and the law won!

And yes, this bot also has the blues, but no harmonica with which to express them.


April 22 2009 | occupations | 4 Comments »

Day 212- Chef Bot

Cookery is in this bot’s heritage; its great-grandbot was a toaster oven.


April 14 2009 | occupations | 1 Comment »

Day 207 – Elvis Impersonator Bot


Do you think Elvis impersonators would be as popular if it weren’t for that infamous giant belt and cape ensemble?


April 07 2009 | occupations | 5 Comments »

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