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Blog Archives

Day 217 – Cow Bot

So that’s where electricity comes from!


April 21 2009 | Uncategorized | No Comments »

Day 201 – Holmes and Watson Bots

oh, Sherlock Holmes. How long will Watson put up with your mysterious ways and crippling drug problems? You’re out all night, you come home reeking of pipe smoke….


March 27 2009 | homage | 2 Comments »

Day 199 – Wilbur and Charlotte Bots

Wilbur and Charlotte and the epitome of BFF. MOST. HEART WRENCHING. ENDING. EVER.

Wilbur is all like “They are going to eat me! I’m so totally bummed about that!” and then Charlotte is all “I have a clever plan! We can prolong the inevitable!”.

Orwell, are you taking notes here? ‘Cause this pig book is waaay better than your pig book. I’m just sayin’…..


March 25 2009 | animals and homage | 13 Comments »

Day 196 – Crazy Cat Lady Bot

I am deathly allergic to cats. I may become an old shut-in (thanks a lot, INTERNET CONNECTION), but I’ll never be a crazy cat lady. Crazy dog owning lady, maybe. Crazy lady whose house is a maze of haphazardly stacked paperback books, almost certainly.

Although if certain trends continue, I’ll be the crazy old lady whose house is a warren of carefully stacked and arranged robot pouches. I realized I was *way* too invested in the project after I finished the 11th tiny kitty. BECAUSE 10 WOULD BE TOO FEW.


March 20 2009 | occupations | 17 Comments »

Day 192 – Protestor Bots

Originally, I was going to make just the “no” bot, but I thought I better show “yes” for balanced reporting. I’d hate for anyone to think I was biased on this issue.


March 16 2009 | moods | 2 Comments »

Day 189 – Wig Accessory Bot

Who needs an awesome ‘do when you can change your look every day?


March 11 2009 | accessories | 4 Comments »

Day 186 – Puppy Bot

And, the final bot in this theme: Puppy Bot. Puppies, and the thought of puppies, help me get through the day. Nothing is cuter than a puppy. Yes, kittens are pretty awesome, but puppies win, hands down. Whenever I’m feeling a bit grumpy, I like to imagine a giant field full of cavorting puppies… usually pugs. If I’m especially grumpy, I add a unicorn or two. Instant bliss.


March 06 2009 | animals | No Comments »

Day 154 – Nun Bot

Nuns! I don’t know what it is about nuns, but people sure like them (just think of all the nun-related movies and shows: Sister Act, The Flying Nun, Sound of Music, Nuns on the Run, whatever that Elvis movie involving nuns was… heck, even Blues Brothers featured nuns.. not to mention the popularity of those Nuns Having Fun calendars). I’m sure there are plenty of undergrads and masters students thinking about nuns, and why we like them, and delving into the sociological origins of the nun stereotype, and unmasking gender role assumptions evident within the nun paradigm. And that’s awesome, because that means I don’t have to do it.

I think I like them because they kinda look like penguins if you squint.


January 20 2009 | occupations | No Comments »

Day 44 – Ladybug bot

What you gots there are electric aphids, sir. You’ll need a ladybugbot to take care of them. Natural predator and all.

LImited in edition to two! SORRY SOLD OUT!


July 31 2008 | animals | No Comments »

Day 14 – Ninjabot

This was pretty much inevitable.

limited edition of 10, right here.


June 19 2008 | homage | 2 Comments »

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