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Day 346 – CRAFT CORNER DEATH MATCH: Black and White and Red all over



Well, I couldn’t figure out how to do a penguin with a sunburn so here is my second choice: A cardinal in a tuxedo!

Except we all know that any bird that has a mohawk as big as a cardinal isn’t going to wear any old tuxedo. Obviously they’re pretty laid back, so only a tuxedo t-shirt will do.

For this theme, there are three other competitors:
The Harpy!
Sarah Apple!

To see all the entries go to Craft Corner Death Match!


February 06 2011 | accessories and animals | No Comments »

Day 321 – Dog Walker Bot

I think we all know the most important part of the dog walking ensemble is the poop bag. And probably more than one.


July 25 2010 | accessories and animals and occupations | 1 Comment »

Day 309 – Warthog Bot

I was at a loss as to what to write about warthogs, so I asked my partner what to write. He summed it up nicely:

“Don’t mess with warthogs. They’ll fuck you up”

So. Warthogs. Don’t mess with them.


April 25 2010 | animals | 2 Comments »

Day 307 – Pigeon Bot

Look, I know most people think pigeons are the rats of the avian world, but I actually think they are kinda cute. Sure, they poop everywhere, BUT SO DO BABIES.

Pigeons do that cute head bobbing thing, and they coo, and in cities they are usually fat and lazy. Just like people!

Anyways, a few of my favourite things about pigeons:

1. They have the ugliest babies ever. Seriously. Have you seen pigeon babies? They are hands down, the ugliest babies ever. I’m not even lying! It is amazing that anything that ugly can survive being helpless.

2. Pgeons have been trained to tell the difference between cubist and impressionist paintings. Seriously, what? I can barely tell the difference. Way to go, pigeons!

2. Did you know that there is a Canadian Pigeon Fanciers Association? THEY EVEN HAVE A CALENDAR! There is a club for eveything, ever.


April 12 2010 | animals | 2 Comments »

Day 272 – Bad Taste Bot

Sometimes you just gotta mix those plaids.

Even if it does make other people’s eyes cross.


August 17 2009 | moods | 4 Comments »

Day 255 – Socks and Sandals Bot

This one’s in honour of Hannah, because I know how much she loves this look. Here’s a hint: not very much.

Also, if you live in Guelph, Ontario (this is way up here in Canada, folks), you can see both Hannah and I at the Art on the Street Festival. I’ll be there as my alter ego Anatomy of a Skirt, but I’ll have some robots with me too!


June 26 2009 | accessories | 4 Comments »

Day 250 – Parrot Bot

Now all I need is to become a pirate.


June 19 2009 | animals | 3 Comments »

Day 247 – Donkey Bot

Oh, burro bot. You’ll never let anyone make an ass out of you. Oh. Wait a second……

On an unrelated note, my one year Robot a Day anniversary flew by earlier this month and I didn’t even notice! I don’t have much to say except that CRAP, THAT IS A LOT OF BOTS. And that hopefully I haven’t jumped the shark yet. And also, donkeys are totally in my top ten of amazing favourite animals. MOSTLY BECAUSE OF THE EEEE-AUUGHNN.


June 15 2009 | animals | 6 Comments »

Day 219 – Dachshund Bot

Oh, wiener dogs. Such a long belly! Such tiny stubby legs! SO PERFECT FOR DRESSING AS A HOT DOG!


April 23 2009 | animals | 4 Comments »

Day 218- Old Timey Convict Bot

Breaking rocks in the hot sun, this bot fought the law and the law won!

And yes, this bot also has the blues, but no harmonica with which to express them.


April 22 2009 | occupations | 4 Comments »

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