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Day 269 – David Suzuki Bot

Normally, I try to stay away from doing bots based on real people, but my brother’s been pulling for a David Suzuki bot for a long while now.

Though I don’t think this particular image is what he had in mind.

I’m tricky like that.

Don’t get it? David Suzuki is a Canadian Super Genius of Science and Being Awesome. Famously, he appeared clad only in a leaf on the cover of TV Guide in 1999; at which time he was 64. I’m not really sure what that has to do with saving the planet, though. But hey, if he ever decides to take up a superhero costume, we know spandex is a good option.


August 06 2009 | homage | 6 Comments »

Day 250 – Five o’clock Shadow Bot

I suspect that this bot could grow a luxurious beard if it wanted to…


June 15 2009 | accessories | 1 Comment »

Day 221 – Robin Hood Bot

Yay! Another theme week! This time around, the theme is FOLK HEROS (or, Historical Figures with Dubious Historical Accuracy). Because we can make up more amazing things about a person than that person could ever do. 100 years after I die, I really hope that I live on in some sort of folk hero capacity- maybe they’ll say my bots were real, and took over the world, programming world peace into the unruly population of hu-mans. And that I was 8 feet tall and rode a golden robotic unicorn. That shot lasers out of its eyes.

It could happen.

So today’s bot is Robin Hood. And although some people think differently, Robin Hood didn’t actually exist (look, some people think they were King Arthur in a previous life, so people = basically gullible). Yes, he may have been based on a few real life outlaws (who, presumably, were men who wore tight tights), but they probably weren’t particularly merry men. And they probably did rob from the rich, but the poor they gave to was likely themselves. Historical accuracy is a bit of a drag sometimes, eh?


April 27 2009 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment »

Day 198 – Ahab and Moby Dick Bots

Moby Dick sez: I represent the unknown, and the limits of human endurance and knowledge!

Ahab sez: I represent the single-minded pursuit of a goal and a burning desire for revenge! Also you ate my leg that time, Jerk!

Look people, some literary couples just need a little more therapy than others.


March 24 2009 | homage and occupations | 4 Comments »

Day 115 – Wizard Bot

Okay, so yesterday’s Turnip Bot wasn’t to your taste, huh? (get it? GET IT?!). Maybe Wizard bot will conjure up a chuckle or two! (get it? eh? eh? ha!).

When making Wizard Bot, I had a plethora of wizard-type stereotypes to pick from. Should it be a white-light-type wizard full of benevolence and quiet power, who helps defeat the forces of evil? An evil, scheming wizard of the dark arts? A kindly elderly gentleman with enormous power who helps a young man face his destiny, while holding back the most evil wizard in the history of witchcraft and wizardry/middle earth/a galaxy far far away?

I prefer to think of my wizard bot as the type of wizard who probably doesn’t actually do that much magic anymore, since he’s discovered that it’s an awful lot of work. You know, the slightly bumbling, twinkle-eyed, totally inept and running-slightly-to-pudgy (if pudgy could describe the physique of someone who never misses dinner or afters or after-afters for that matter and generally lives a life of book reading and afternoon naps).
Damn, actually, that sounds really great. I want to be that kind of wizard, don’t you?

Who’s your favourite wizard? (extra points if it’s Rincewind!).

Limited in edition to 5 bots – available right here


November 07 2008 | occupations | 1 Comment »

Day 28 – Viking Bot

Oh Vikings. I have many viking-related trivia points to make, so I’m going to list them:

2. Vikings are at least partially culpable for unicorns, because they used to sell Narwhal horns to Europeans as Unicorn horns. Rich Europeans bought them for their Cabinets of Curiousities, and also because unicorn horns were said to neutralize poison.
3. I attended a high school where the mascot was a Viking. This lead to a lame school song, but ample opportunity to wear horned helmets.
4. Horned helmets are totally bunk. Vikings didn’t wear ‘em. But seriously, how the heck else would you know that this bot was a viking without it?
5. This bot is blond, because vikings used to make a caustic soap with which they bleached their hair. They were also very clean, bathing every Saturday.
6. Vikings had beards. Beards are awesome. Ergo, Vikings are Awesome.

This bot is limited in edition to 10 bots, right here


July 09 2008 | homage and occupations | No Comments »

Day 16 – Gnomebot

Gnomebot helps take care of the forest animals, rides a squirrel to work, and drinks mead out of a thimble. I’m hoping he knows some fairybots, so that when I go into the studio some morning, all my work will already be done.

this bot is available in a limited edition of 10, right here.


June 23 2008 | myths | 9 Comments »