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Day 172 – Valentines Bot

Look, I could say something about how I love all you readers, and all that mushy jazz, but I’m not going to. Valentine’s day isn’t about love, it’s about chocolate. Specifically, the chocolate that’s on half-price the day after. Plus, it would seriously ruin the gruff-and-pithy-sarcastic-wit thing I’m trying to cultivate here.

Regardless, here are some things I made for you. Valentines! You can save them and print them out and give them to people you like. Or that you’re pretending to like.

Okay, these ones are for anyone. They’re pretty safe, because they are corny. Warning: they are full of puns. Bad puns. Worse than a Xanth novel, even.

These ones are for nerds. Don’t even think about giving them to regular people, because they won’t get it. I’d only recommend you download these if you got that Xanth reference earlier.

There is actually a third set of vaguely PG-rated valentines, but I got all embarrassed and didn’t post them. If you can prove to me that you’re an adult in real life and not my mom (because I’m not sure which is worse, my mother finding them funny or me having to explain a sexual innuendo to her), I’ll e-mail the link to you.

Have an awesome day, and I’ll see you back here on Tuesday!


February 14 2009 | myths | 4 Comments »

Day 147 – Ukelele Bot

Okay, Ukeleles. Ukeleles are, dare I say it, more awesome than guitars (even flying V guitars. It’s true). We had a wee ukelele kicking around the house when I was growing up, and for the longest time I actually thought it was a tiny guitar made for really little people. Seriously- like for teeny foot tall people or something (Look, there was this book, about a kid who found a teeny tiny city and then some mysterious teeny people and there was something about a white snake, and he lost part of his little finger, and the people all disappeared, and he woke up back at school thinking it was all a dream, but his finger was still missing). The point is, eventually, somehow, I discovered the Ukeleles are not mini guitars made for foot high people, and that there isn’t actually a bunch of foot high people running around in need of guitars anyways. It was about that time that I also discovered that ukeleles are, in fact, totally awesome.

What else is totally awesome? This song, by Zoe, featuring a ukelele and a robot:

and also, this one too, which also features moustaches:

(yes, these videos were on Boing Boing, the insanely popular and fantastic blog of wonderful things. There are like, 3 of you, dear readers, who don’t read Boing Boing- the videos are posted for your benefit)


January 09 2009 | accessories | 2 Comments »


The awesome Molly from WildfireWench’s Studio has totally done it again. Check out this amazing stop motion video featuring a silver bot (bandito bot on his day off) and soft bot!

Check out her Etsy shop, and her other amazing videos on her YouTube channel. Molly made this as a birthday surprise for someone special, so I just want to say:


October 02 2008 | other awesome stuff | No Comments »

THE MOST AWESOME VIDEO EVER (aka Bandito Bot’s big break!)

The awesome Molly from WildfireWench’s Studio just sent me the most fantastic stop-motion video I’ve ever seen. Molly = genius.

Check out her Etsy shop, and her other amazing stop motion vids. I can’t wait to see what she makes next! You should all subscribe to her You Tube channel. I’ve watched it a bunch already, and Bandito Bot’s walk at the end cracks me up every time.


September 13 2008 | other awesome stuff | 5 Comments »

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