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Day 324 – Praying Mantis Bot

Those of you who follow my twitter might have noticed that I asked for some robot ideas this week.

And then I didn’t use any of them. *

Instead, I was checking out the other Robot-a-Day’s blog, and upon seeing his golden mantis, realized that I am quite remiss in my terrifying insect quota.

And dude, these things are totally terrifying. Remember when Xander almost got sexed up and eaten by an inexplicably giant english-speaking one? That could teach science, even though the whole premise of the episode was sorely lacking in any scientific plausibilty at all? I waited all season for that stupid egg at the end of the episode to hatch.

*ha, sorry! Maybe next week.


August 15 2010 | animals | 5 Comments »

Day 314 – The Four Bots of the Apocalypse

The four bots of the apocalypse: Death, Pestilence, Famine and Rambo. I mean, War.


June 06 2010 | myths | 2 Comments »

Day 311 – T-Rex bot

Besides the fact that it could totally eat you, I think it would be kinda fun to ride a T-rex. More fun than a stegosaurus, that’s for sure.


May 09 2010 | animals | No Comments »

Day 300 – Nooooooooooooooooo! Bot

Here is a more cinematic angle for you:

This is how I feel when I get to the grocery store and it’s all out of the sale items in the flyer. I was really looking forward to saving those 47 cents on off-brand Macaroni & Cheese.


February 22 2010 | moods | No Comments »

Day 285 – Cthulhu Bot



November 12 2009 | myths | 2 Comments »

Day 279 – Cerberus Bot

Cerberus is totally the best kind of dog; multiple heads for petting, but only one butt for pooping.*

That is, of course, assuming it’s not one of those drooly dogs, with the drooling and the mouth froth. Then you’ve got three times the spittle, as well. BUT ONLY 1 BUTT FOR POOPING. It’s still a win.

*I was going to make some sort of convoluted comment about how Cerberus guards the river Styx, and how the only Styx song I know is Sailing Away, and how intensely awesomely ridiculous that song is, but I though a poop joke was funnier. We like to keep it classy here at Robot a Day.


October 22 2009 | myths | 2 Comments »

Day 273 – Bad Taste Bot Redux

Mostly, I blame brussell sprouts for this face.


August 20 2009 | moods | 6 Comments »

Day 267 – Sneer Bot

That’s one mightily haughtily unimpressed bot.

I’m pretty sure this is the face I make everytime I see a hippie. Right before I cross to the other side of the street.


July 30 2009 | moods | 2 Comments »

Day 226 – Chest Burster Alien Bot

Or, as my partner Matt said when he saw it:

“I guess that wasn’t indigestion after all…..”


May 04 2009 | accessories | 5 Comments »

Day 214 – Shark Bot

Even though I grew up in a landlocked area, nowhere remotely near the ocean, I was totally terrified of sharks. Specifically, I was convinced that it was only a matter of time until sharks figured out this whole walking thing, and came for me in the middle of the night.

As an adult I’m more concerned about surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Of course, now I’m wondering if sharks can become zombies, and what that means for my nocturnal land shark theory. eeep.


April 16 2009 | animals | 4 Comments »

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