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Day 212- Chef Bot

Cookery is in this bot’s heritage; its great-grandbot was a toaster oven.


April 14 2009 | occupations | 1 Comment »

Day 366 – Pippin Bot

So, clearly, this blog is not actually a written record of an epic crapton of weird vinyl robots that I’ve made over the course of a number of years, or even the digital copy of the making of a robot army, poised to win the hearts and minds of the human race (for better minion making, of course).

It’s clearly my descent into fangirldom.

Seriously, I started with a bot wearing tube socks. I’ve made fart jokes, armpit jokes, menstrual jokes, and probably poop jokes. I made bots with careers like chefs, ballerinas, and construction workers.

I’ve parodied political figures, historical figures, and famous scientists.

And then came the Star Wars homage. And the Doctor Who, and Jane Austen, and the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and who knows what all else. It is a deep pit of nerdadashery, much like my brain.

Oh, I’m not saying I was never a nerd. I mean, the kinds of people who were not nerds and geeks throughout school are not the kind of people who spend hours making tiny little costumes for robots, and then post them on the internet. I am the kind of people who does this, and I was always the kind of person who read the Star Wars film script while watching the movie and lamenting the fact that the Biggs scene on Tatooine was cut from the final movie.

So when I was contacted by someone to do a Hobbit bot, I may have squeed a little.

I may have squeed a lot.

And then maybe I fist pumped the air for a few minutes? I don’t know, it’s all a bit hazy.

And then I made Pippin, the dreamiest of the hobbits:

rad 276

Honestly, the most exciting part for me was the feet:

rad 287

Using the technique I discovered while doing Freddie’s chest hair, I made hairy feet. I have made a lot of things for these bots, but that was a very happy first.

So I guess what I am really saying is that this blog has been an UNEXPECTED JOURNEY for me. See what I did there? PUNS. NOT JUST FOR XANTH BOOKS.


March 20 2013 | Uncategorized | 3 Comments »