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What’s all this about?

I make robots. I post robots. That’s pretty much the whole deal.

Why Robots?

I’ve been making my robot pouches for a number of years now, and they’ve always been a crowd favourite. One day I added a moustache. Then later I thought…. what else? I didn’t want to make them part of my regular line, so I thought doing a robot a day would be a fun way to see how creative I could be. It all kinda just took over my life. They also came about as a way to use up my multitude of vinyl off-cuts and scraps; in my other life, I make purses, and I wanted to use up these pieces in an eco-friendly way, to divert them from the waste stream.

Wait a second. What the heck are these robot pouches you started with?

And then you added a moustache?

I still don’t get it. What’s Robot Pouch?

It’s a pouch, in the shape of a robot.

So it’s a pouch for your robot?

No, the robot is the pouch. The pouch is the robot. You can put whatever you want inside.

What’s it for?

Anything you want. Some ideas: change, hair clips, Ipods, money, secrets, little things, maps to hidden treasure, a beer can, juice boxes, fruit snacks, square cookies, bits and bobs, ribbon, bits of string, a spare pair of socks, batteries, nuts, bolts, jewellery, hundred dollar bills, nickels, pennies, a very small diary, important things, origami paper, seeds, a pair of glasses, love notes, something you want hidden, something you want to remember, thread, scissors, make-up, tape.

Who are you, anyway?

I am the maker of bots! In my other life, I run Anatomy of a Skirt, a line of purses and accessories (and yes, the robot pouch). I live in Canada. I drink lots of coffee. I really like puppies and unicorns, because they are awesome. I use the word “awesome” alot. I think alot is one word (it *should* be). I make many many robots.

Can I buy your robots?

Yes you can! Check out my etsy shop for them. I am currently selling all my robots, even the prototypes, so if you have your eye on one, why not drop me a line?

How can I e-mail you?

send an e-mail to: robotgod (at) robotaday (dot) com

I have a really great idea for a robot! Do you want it?

That’s awesome! I may already have one like that planned, though- or I may have already made something similar. If you really want me to make your idea, you can always contact me to do a custom order for you. P

So this is what you do with your life? Do you do this full-time?

I get asked this all the time. No, I do not do this full-time, although I used to do this Monday through Friday and work another job on weekends. Now I take care of my child full-time, work another job on weekends, and do the robot gig in the evenings and when I can’t sleep. Plus I just started a new project: Moar Mitten. I even manage to have some friends sometimes!

Why are your bots limited edition! I want one that’s sold out. When will new bots become available?

The bots are limited edition for a number of reasons. Sometimes I only have enough vinyl to make a certain number of the bots (remember, I use scraps, odd lots, and vintage materials, so often there’s a material constraint). Some bots are really tricky to make, and in order to preserve my sanity I make them more limited. I love the idea that people are getting something that almost no one else has, like a limited run of art prints. I make new bots available when I have time to- this depends also on how many bots are available, if I’ve finalized the design… maybe different things. Most of the bots will become available at some point, though some won’t because of material limitations or design considerations. If you are really keen to get a particular bot that’s not been released yet, just drop me a note! I am currently selling all the bots I have on hand, so if something you want isn’t in my Etsy shop, please do contact me.


June 01 2008 06:57 am

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Stacey on 25 Jun 2008 at 8:27 am #

    Seriously…..I want them all! I can’t wait to get my gnome though.

  2. Ana on 02 Jul 2008 at 9:30 am #

    toooooo cute. I hope there is a sexy bot coming ;) tee hee…a hot guy robot with abs, lol Great work, they all look awesome!

  3. Dana on 07 Jul 2008 at 5:52 pm #

    I adore these robots! I also sell what I sew, so the next time I make a sale, I shall buy a bot! Hopefully, if my sister will order on the internet for me.

  4. sue on 17 Dec 2008 at 9:33 pm #

    you are hilarious and your website and etsy shop made me laugh alot (i think it should be one word too) this morning. your bots are wicked, wicked and funny. you now have a huge new fan.

  5. Jennifer on 23 Dec 2008 at 10:40 am #

    OH. MY. Gosh. I just looked through 98+ pages of items on Etsy with “unicorn” in the title, and my mind was blown by your Unibot. Keep up the awesomeness; I’m hooked!

  6. Roswell on 18 Jan 2009 at 9:23 am #

    how about an apple iBot? :D

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