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Day 28 – Viking Bot

Oh Vikings. I have many viking-related trivia points to make, so I’m going to list them:

2. Vikings are at least partially culpable for unicorns, because they used to sell Narwhal horns to Europeans as Unicorn horns. Rich Europeans bought them for their Cabinets of Curiousities, and also because unicorn horns were said to neutralize poison.
3. I attended a high school where the mascot was a Viking. This lead to a lame school song, but ample opportunity to wear horned helmets.
4. Horned helmets are totally bunk. Vikings didn’t wear ‘em. But seriously, how the heck else would you know that this bot was a viking without it?
5. This bot is blond, because vikings used to make a caustic soap with which they bleached their hair. They were also very clean, bathing every Saturday.
6. Vikings had beards. Beards are awesome. Ergo, Vikings are Awesome.

This bot is limited in edition to 10 bots, right here


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July 09 2008 01:00 am | homage and occupations

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