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Day 147 – Ukelele Bot

Okay, Ukeleles. Ukeleles are, dare I say it, more awesome than guitars (even flying V guitars. It’s true). We had a wee ukelele kicking around the house when I was growing up, and for the longest time I actually thought it was a tiny guitar made for really little people. Seriously- like for teeny foot tall people or something (Look, there was this book, about a kid who found a teeny tiny city and then some mysterious teeny people and there was something about a white snake, and he lost part of his little finger, and the people all disappeared, and he woke up back at school thinking it was all a dream, but his finger was still missing). The point is, eventually, somehow, I discovered the Ukeleles are not mini guitars made for foot high people, and that there isn’t actually a bunch of foot high people running around in need of guitars anyways. It was about that time that I also discovered that ukeleles are, in fact, totally awesome.

What else is totally awesome? This song, by Zoe, featuring a ukelele and a robot:

and also, this one too, which also features moustaches:

(yes, these videos were on Boing Boing, the insanely popular and fantastic blog of wonderful things. There are like, 3 of you, dear readers, who don’t read Boing Boing- the videos are posted for your benefit)


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January 09 2009 01:00 am | accessories

2 Responses to “Day 147 – Ukelele Bot”

  1. julie on 09 Jan 2009 at 11:18 am #

    How ever will he play it with his short roboty arms?

  2. Zoe on 09 Jan 2009 at 1:31 pm #

    Well, this is (I’m saying it because no other word will do) awesome! I need to own me one of these handsome fellas!

    There are flying V ukuleles as well! Because that’s how we roll.

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