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a bag of cats

The internet is amazing. Without it, I would never have known of the awesomeness that is Mandy Curtis. If you don’t know her, and you’re reading this blog (hint: you are reading this blog), then you need to go check her out.

seriously, do it now.

Now get excited, because I just introduced you to a righteous nerd of the secret order of completely fantastic.

Now be jealous, because Mandy and I did a swap.

oooh, yeah. I gave a stranger on the internet my address and something amazing happened.*

a box came.


A glorious, giant, huge, hulk of a box came to my door, with my name on it. So I opened it.


dudes and ladydudes, I assure you, I am wearing those temporary tattoos like the badass I am. (Also I am sharpening my pencils and writing all my dreams and wishes in the notebook like the dork I am).

Awesome, a tesseract necklace so I have unlimited power, and a moustache necklace so I can be an agent in disguise! Genius! Also a teeny leetle Hawkeye to keep me safe! Wait… are those SHIELD and Avengers toddler shirts? I guess if you want your toddler to be the next Maria Hill** you have to start training them young. And Did I mention that Mandy SILKSCREENED THOSE HERSELF? Talent, people. talent.

Thor! And Loki! Now I can act out that scene in Thor on the rainbow bridge and then snuggle them both. And those mugs….. look at them. Just… look at them. I know someone who is crazy awesome enough to paint me EIGHT mugs and then mail them. In the mail. I didn’t realize until after I took those photo that one was missing! Black widow isn’t shown because this is currently happening:

Every day I get to imbibe coffee and the essence of another superhero! SCORE.

These two items I haven’t given nearly enough picspam to. A hulk tote, that has muthereffin back pockets on it! AHHHHHH!!! And, yes, I am the proud owner of a SHIELD agent hoody; with my name on the front (that’s agent Robotaday to the rest of you suckers). Seriously, I am wearing the shit out of that sweatshirt right now. AND YOU ARE ALL JEALOUS.

But it’s possible that this, this is my absolute favourite of the bunch. I mean, it’s kinda like picking your favourite flavour of coffee, or chocolate, or trying to decide which is better, sunshine or lollipops, but if I had to save one thing from this box from a burning building it would be this.*** Did I mention Mandy is amazingly talented? Oh I did? Well she is.

Also Loki talks if you squeeze him. He says “I AM A GOD!!”.

So internet, you are full of good things, and good people. I could’ve gotten a box of cat turds in the mail, but instead, I got a box of fantastic.

If you want to see the paltry offering I sent Mandy the god of awesome, you can check out her post about it here!

* um, I actually don’t recommend you give strangers anywhere your address. Do as I say, not as I do and all that.
** I was going to say Coulson, as he is made of awesome, but uh… spoilers and such. And then I was going to say Fury, but he’s got an eye patch and while I may tell my child that running with scissors will end in someone putting an eye out, I devoutly hope it doesn’t happen. Aaaaaaaaaaand…. no more scissors in my house.
***more lies. I’d save the sweatshirt and a coffee mug because I’d already be wearing and holding them. But assuming I had a free arm after grabbing my offspring, I’d grab this.


September 24 2012 04:19 pm | Uncategorized

One Response to “a bag of cats”

  1. Mandy on 24 Sep 2012 at 8:18 pm #

    Your photos put mine to shame. Hawkeye riding on Wendy? Priceless.

    I feel like you’ve seriously downplayed your own skills, my friend. I am the one who lucked out!

    Oh, and, I spy a TARDIS. I have that same mug, of course.

    We were so meant to be.

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