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Getting There!

This week’s theme for Craft Corner Death Match was “Repetition”. As I get closer to my goal of 365 bots, I can’t help but remember what it was like back when I started and was doing 5 bots a week. Stressful at time, but so much fun! So many ideas! So many opportunities! Usually now when someone suggests something, I’ve already done it, or it’s so close to another one I don’t want to repeat myself. Of course this is a business too; and the number one thing people ask me is “Which bot is your most popular?”. So I give to you, in order from latest to oldest, the last fifty bots I’ve sold on my Etsy shop:

And that doesn’t even cover the whole last year! It’s not even really a true representation, because not all of my bots have been available for the last year or so; go back further and you’d see many others. I’m not complaining, I love making bots! But this whole repetition thing got me thinking, I make a lot of bots. Seems like a lot of repetition, but at the same time it’s really not.  Also see the part that went dragon, dragon, cheese, dragon? That made me week. Seriously. You rock, dragon cheese people!


February 04 2012 05:40 pm | Uncategorized

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