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Archive for the 'moods' Category

Day 273 – Bad Taste Bot Redux

Mostly, I blame brussell sprouts for this face.


August 20 2009 | moods | 6 Comments »

Day 272 – Bad Taste Bot

Sometimes you just gotta mix those plaids.

Even if it does make other people’s eyes cross.


August 17 2009 | moods | 4 Comments »

Day 267 – Sneer Bot

That’s one mightily haughtily unimpressed bot.

I’m pretty sure this is the face I make everytime I see a hippie. Right before I cross to the other side of the street.


July 30 2009 | moods | 2 Comments »

Day 254 – Too Much of a Good Thing Bot

This is exactly the face I make when I eat too much of something delicious, but bad for me. And as I approach thirty, “too much” is a heck of a lot less than I’d like. All I know is that I so don’t want to be the person who uses the bathroom after this bot. That’s right, I went there.


June 25 2009 | moods | 4 Comments »

Day 236 – Ehhhhh! Bot

How YOU doin?

now available on Etsy!


May 22 2009 | moods | 8 Comments »

Day 211 – Squashed Bot

Dare I say it? This bot is feeling a little flat…..

Looks like there was some sort of accident involving my ass something heavy and a robot.


April 13 2009 | moods | 1 Comment »

Day 192 – Protestor Bots

Originally, I was going to make just the “no” bot, but I thought I better show “yes” for balanced reporting. I’d hate for anyone to think I was biased on this issue.


March 16 2009 | moods | 2 Comments »

Day 191 – Living Dangerously Bot

Doesn’t this bot know that magnetism is a gateway drug!?


March 13 2009 | moods | No Comments »

Day 190 – Bright Idea Bot

I wonder what the old-timey equivalent of a light bulb going off above one’s head was? How would our great-great-great-grandparents have described a quick flash of illuminated thinking? I’m assuming with some sort of lightening bolt reference, but maybe it was something more interesting.

If we’re talking about electricity, I feel compelled to mention a few things.

1. Thomas Edison was a super jerk.
2. Nikola Tesla is the real superhero behind electricity.
3. There are lots of very long burning bulbs out there.
4. I wish magic was for real, because then we could have awesome glow stone thingies instead of waste-creating bulbs. And then I could make a robot with a glow stone/orb above its head. More importantly, I could make that bot with MAGIC. Magic would make everything so much easier. And maybe I could have spent my formative years in Hogwarts, instead of the public school system.


March 12 2009 | moods | 4 Comments »

Day 185 – Hopeful Bot

And, continuing with our theme, we have hopeful bot. Specifically, this is “the hope of winning the lottery” bot. Yes, I admit it, that lottery hope does help get me through the day. Don’t get me wrong- I love making bots, working for myself, and all that jazz. But, I’m pretty sure that I’d love being fabulously wealthy, too. Plus, you know, I’d like to get a puppy. A PUPPY MADE OF SOLID GOLD.

Shall we see a close-up on those crossed digits?


March 05 2009 | moods | 2 Comments »

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