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Archive for the 'different materials' Category

Day 275 – Obnoxiously Adorable Bot

Here at Robot a Day HQ, it’s not all fun and games. Do you have any idea the suffering I went through in researching this bot? THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH CUTENESS ONE MIND CAN TAKE. I swear, I think I burned out the part of my brain that registers adorableness. I made the mistake of searching for “kawaii” on Flickr. Look people, that stuff is aggressively cute. One might say it’s VIOLENTLY adorable.

I’m going to have to restore my brain by looking at pictures of pugs for awhile. That’s the kind of cuteness I can handle; the kind that’s so ugly it transforms into cute through some sort of rip in the fabric of space and time. It’s physics, and stuff. Really.


August 27 2009 | different materials | 5 Comments »

Day 260 – Plastic Canvas Bot

This one might as well be “An Ode to The Crafts of my Youth”. Which happened in the 80’s. I’m seriously considering getting some of those melty beads, a bedazzler, some fimo, and shrinky dinks to round the week out.

On another note, although Robot a Day’s one-year anniversary was just about a month ago, this bot marks a “year of bots” (52 weeks in a year x 5 bots per week = 260 bots). Which is pretty neat.


July 06 2009 | different materials | 8 Comments »

Day 241 – Voodoo Doll Bot

yes, yes, I KNOW that’s not what voodoo dolls are used for, and yes, I know that the depiction of voodoo in popular culture and movies is a total and gross misprepresentation of what it’s supposed to be about, etc, etc. You really don’t need to tell me that sometimes popular culture and movies are less than factually accurate.

Besides, I just use mine to control my vast robot army and bring grief to my enemies. If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Also, I did a hella bad job of photoshopping around those pins. And yet, I remain unrepentant. I’m a sew-y type person, not a computer wiz.


June 05 2009 | different materials | 4 Comments »

Day 235 – Finger Puppet Bot

Introducing my newest project: “Robot Finger Puppet a Day!”

Just kidding, folks. Though it would be some kinda of crazy self-referential project- I could remake each robot pouch as a robot finger puppet. BUT HOW WOULD I MAKE A ROBOT FINGER PUPPET FINGER PUPPET? The universe might asplode.


May 21 2009 | different materials | 3 Comments »

Day 227 – Cuddletron 5000 Bot

This bot is programmed for cuddles! If you’ve been following the blog for any length of time, you might remember soft bot from all the way back on Day 7. Soft bot was much like a regular bot pouch, just… softer. However, I want to see how cuddly I could go. This bot isn’t a pouch, though it does retain the zipper mouth…..

which opens to reveal……

You might be wondering why a robot need a tongue….. well, for ice cream, of course!


May 05 2009 | different materials | 3 Comments »

Day 184 – Coffee Bot

Coffee is probably the number one thing that gets me through the day. And not just because of the kick of caffeine. I have found myself loving coffee so much that I have actually been thinking about decaf at night, because I seem to have lost my ability to drink coffee before bed and still sleep through the night. DECAF. It’s hardly even real coffee.

This bot pretty much sums up my feelings on coffee. It’s like a hot tub for your taste buds, people.


March 04 2009 | different materials | 4 Comments »

Day 174 – Gracious Hostess Bot

This bot is a little too stepford-wives-ish, hmmm?


February 18 2009 | different materials and myths | 4 Comments »

Day 149 – Papercraft Bot

Sometimes, my favourite bots are the ones that aren’t in a material I usually work with. Papercraft is awesome fun!

Here’s the JPG file if you want to assemble one! Eventually, these will probably be part of a robot paper fun pack….


January 13 2009 | different materials | No Comments »

Day 112 – Paper Doll Bot

From right to left, top to bottom: mermaid, fez, t-shirt, banana, viking, mad scientist, gnome, Mr. Darcy.

I made way more outfits than are shown here, but my hands got tired cutting them all out.

You can get one of your very own right here!


November 04 2008 | accessories and different materials | 2 Comments »

Day 75 – Knit Bot

This is what happens when you run your studio with the power of an infinite improbability drive.

Look folks, I kinda suck at knitting*. I’m totally okay with that, because OH DID YOU SEE THOSE OTHER 74 BOTS? YEAH I TOTALLY MADE THOSE. WITH MY HANDS. AND MY BRAIN. So maybe I can’t knit well. That is why I need you, my lovely readers. I’m thinking, no, no one wants a lumpy, bumpy crazy badly-knit robot, but maybe they want a knitting pattern because they are more talented yarn-wise than me. So I need a few good knitters who like proof-reading possibly fatally-flawed knitting patterns (seriously people, I just made it up as I went). If anyone’s interested, e-mail me at

* I’m blaming this one on carpal tunnel.


September 12 2008 | different materials | 4 Comments »

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