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Archive for the 'myths' Category

Day 270 – Sphinx Bot

This sphinx’s riddle would be slightly different than the traditional sphinx: “What walks on two legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and two legs in the evening?

the answer, of course, is a robot, assuming the bot doesn’t use castors instead.


August 10 2009 | myths | 1 Comment »

Day 265 – The Frog Prince Bot

I think the princess is somewhat skeptical of the frog’s tale.

Honestly, can you blame her? It’s a talking frog.

I can’t decide if the moral of the story is “never judge a book by the cover”, or “kissing frogs leads to hallucinations”.


July 23 2009 | myths | 5 Comments »

Day 246 – Harpy Bot

At first I thought maybe the harpies got a bad rap (certainly, they didn’t start out in legend as torturers and evil flying hags), but then I remembered Phineas, and how the harpies stole his food and ‘fouled’ the rest. Which is, you know, pretty gross. Basically, they were the seagulls of greek mythology.


June 12 2009 | myths | No Comments »

Day 244 – Daruma Doll Bot

For those who don’t know, Daruma Dolls are for wishing. I’m wishing for a puppy. With laserbeam eyes.


June 10 2009 | myths | 1 Comment »

Day 242 – Minotaur Bot

You know, the minotaur is really just like a kitten; a large ball of string is key to his downfall.


June 08 2009 | myths | 4 Comments »

Day 240 – Centaur Bot

Now I need to find a half human mythological creature that’s the other way around, so I can do something with the left over bottom half of that bot…..


June 04 2009 | myths | 6 Comments »

Day 239 – Dragon Bot

This dragon is actually quite a friendly feller; he likes to roast tofu with his firey breath, and he’s always happy to help set up a good campfire! Just make sure your tent is incombustable.

available right here!


June 03 2009 | myths | 6 Comments »

Day 224 – William Tell Bot

One thing I hadn’t anticipated when creating Robot a Day was how many arrows I’d have to make!


April 30 2009 | myths | 3 Comments »

Day 193 – Leprechaun Bot

Happy wearing-green-so-you-don’t-get-pinched-by-annoying-people Day!

I’ve always felt a slight affinity for St. Patrick’s day, probably because it’s the one day where having the name “Erin” means that everyone thinks you’re cool (read: Irish). However, since I’m not *actually* Irish (or, you know, cool), and can’t do an Irish accent to save my life, inevitably the day ends in tears and recriminations (no, not really).

However, I do like those banners that urge me to “go Bragh!”.


March 17 2009 | myths | 4 Comments »

Day 174 – Gracious Hostess Bot

This bot is a little too stepford-wives-ish, hmmm?


February 18 2009 | different materials and myths | 4 Comments »

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